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New News Item
Upcoming trips in the next few months are Bamburgh, Harris/Lewis, Dumfries/Galloway. February saw me in Glen Coe for a week (captured some lovely Winter scenes) Also been to the Dales most weekends recently


A busy Year
Where has this year gone? What with work and a lot of DIY this year, I've been very remiss in posting any news. I did get to the Isle of Skye in February and Barmouth for Easter. I'm off to Cornwall for a quick trip soon, Bamburgh in September, and Scotland in October, so more pictures to come!


It's Autumn Again
DIY and work are keeping me away from the camera at the moment. Whilst many colleagues are heading for Scotland for a week or two, I am missing out this year. I'll be looking to do a trip next Autumn. It's been very warm this year, with night-time temperatures at a high that is normally expected during the day, and 20C in places during the shortening days. Hoping to get into the Dales and Coast at weekends now we have lost the evenings


All work and no play...
Been working hard at the day job this year and not had any time off. I am going to Scotland in May, and Devon and Cornwall in August. I've been managing to get out an odd evening and weekend. A Full Canon EOS-M has joined the stables and is working well


Happy New 2014
Another year slips by (my first with the Ebony 45SU). Film presents operational challenges - misting of the ground glass, wind blowing the dark cloth about, and not being able to set up quickly enough! The rewards are however wonderful. Operations such as focusing, allied with tilting the standards and metering correctly has been the easiest part of the process.
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